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    The Continuum, Moderna Business Park

    Instant Availability's purpose built Workplace Recovery site, specialising in helping organisations prepare for any unforeseen occurences such as; power failure, theft, flooding and storm damage.

    Our facilities allow you to keep your business in business by providing bespoke Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Workplace Recovery solutions.

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    Instant Availability Workplace Recovery Suite
  • Instant Availability Workplace Recovery Suite
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    iWasp's mission is to provide the very best workplace recovery and business continuity solutions to companies and organisations across the UK. You can find out more by clicking below.

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    iWasp Workplace Recovery Solutions
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Workplace Recovery

What Is It?

Workplace Recovery is a subscription based facility that your business and team can easily relocate to at short notice.

Why Do You Need It?

To protect your business against potential failures; including natural disasters, denial of access or power outages.

How Can We Help?

Our purpose built site can accommodate over 150 people to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.

Are You Prepared?

In the event of a disaster; a fire, flood or major system issue what would you do to ensure that your business can continue?

Many insurers now require organisations to have a workplace recovery solution in place. Recent studies have found that 20% of companies will suffer a disaster at some point, 43% of these will never reopen. Instant Availability can help avoid problems caused by closure (inability to trade and the potential loss of clients) by providing purpose built workplace recovery suites that can help you to continue your business operations.

Instant Availability Workplace Recovery Suite

We Are A Member Of...

iWasp Independent Work Area Service Providers

Instant Availability is the founding member of the iWasp consortium, a network set up to provide accessible workplace recovery across the UK. Regulatory compliance, ‘best practice’ and demanding service level agreements mean that in order to ensure business survival, down time is not an option.

The network’s mission is to provide the best workplace recovery and business continuity solutions to companies and organisations, irrespective of geography or number of locations. The iWasp network has the expertise and resources to keep businesses in business.

State of the Art Workspace

The Continuum was purpose built to be provided as a workplace recovery solution for businesses along the M62 corridor.
The building boasts clean and modern suites in varying sizes which were bespoke designed to accommodate flexible work environments for a multitude of businesses.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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